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Vietnam and Back

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Hi Folks,

I’ve just got back from a 18 day trip to fabulous Vietnam. During the trip we visited Ho Ch Minh City, Hoi An,Da Nang and Hanoi taking lots of shots of a very picturesque country.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and found the Vietnamese people to be very friendly and open with a willingness to share with you their country and culture. I also got to love Saigon lager, nothing like sitting on the 12th floor of the Eden Saigon Hotel at night, enjoying both the view and a Saigon Lager.

I took a lot of images of the countryside and it’s people and I’ll share some of those images with you on this site, so stay tuned.




Hawaii Bound

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Hi folks, this month we head to Hawaii, both Honolulu and Maui for a photo shoot. We hope to show you a number of great shots of the holiday isle on the our return.

We are flying Jetstar to Honolulu, so hopefully this trip will be a lot nicer than the last time we flew them to Honolulu, we swore then we would never fly Jetstar again on a long haul flight, but the cheap airfares changed our minds, or maybe they are cheap for a reason. This time we are taking eye shades, a blanket and we’ll buy some food before we board the flight. The last time I ordered a chicken dish and it was served in a aluminum dish with no napkin or tray and actually tasted like crap I have to say. So I’d rather pay for a subway than give Jetstar $15.00 for a crappy meal.

We’ll be highlighting the new Canon 5D mark 3 during this trip so hopefully we’ll have some gems to show you. Until then Aloha from the team at In Focus Travel Photography.

For Sale – Canon 7D and EF-S 18 – 200 Canon Lens

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photo 7

This is the camera that has taken all the shots on this web site and it could be yours.

I’m selling my Canon 7D and Canon lens as we have upgraded and no longer need it.

It is in mint condition and is just on 12 months old. It has been well looked after and includes the original box and associated accessories that came with the camera.

Also included is a Hoya UV filter and Hoya slim frame polarising filter adding to the value of this package.

This camera takes superb shots and proof is in a number of my photos being used on several Italian tourism sites, all taken with this camera and lens combination.

Camera was bought on the Gold Coast and is Australian stock, not an imported grey market job, so you can be assured of the quality of the camera.

If you are interested then Email Me for additional photos and information .

Waterhen Lake

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Over the past few nights I’ve been really enjoying photographing the birds at Waterhen Lake in Upper Coomera, I’ve never really focused on birds or wildlife in the past and I’ve quite enjoyed the tranquility of watching and waiting as the birds, initially scared off by my approach, have settled back in to their normal routine.

Not strictly travel I know but still, an enjoyable experience and one I’m keen to do more of. You can see the results of the shoot in the Waterhen lake Gallery page.

Mike Andrew


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Hi and thanks for visiting my site. My wife thinks I’m obsessed with photography, and getting up in the wee small hours of the morning, standing alone on a cold and windy beach before dawn, is not everyone’s idea of fun. However, to capture that one photo that jumps out at you makes it all worthwhile.

I’m still a learner, I make mistakes, lots of them, but each mistake I make leads me to a better photo. That’s why I keep practicing taking thousands of photos, just to find a handful of images that I can be proud of.

Landscape photography is my passion, I love the look of beautifuly composed outdoor shots, when the light is just right and the photographer has captured the essence of the great outdoors. I strive to do that, have I got there yet? no, but I’m working on it and I’m getting better at it.

It really takes a lot of practice and a keen eye.

Last year we traveled to Venice Italy, I’ve included some shots of the Italian city which I hope you enjoy. It’s a photographers dream. Later this month we travel to Thailand so I hope to capture some more shots to add to this web site.

Please enjoy the photo’s as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Mike Andrew

Gold Coast February 2013

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